A new chapter: We’re having a baby!

About two months ago, Josh and I were dancing at my best friend’s wedding to the song, “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, the Haley Reinhart version (if you’ve ever seen the Extra Gum commercial that went viral last year…you know the one).

We’re slow dancing away so incredibly off-beat to the music (dance lessons are in Josh’s future don’t you worry), and he’s staring at me the same way I remember him staring at me when we first started dating out in San Diego, and he goes, “I want to put a baby in your belly.”

Talk about catching a woman off-guard! I was just calming down after making it through my Matron of Honor speech and never in a million years expected him to drop those words at that moment.

To bring you up to speed, since the day we got married my sister, Elissabeth has been sending us pictures of random babies, bringing up baby names, sending videos of bulldogs playing with babies…the list goes on. This girl most likely has my entire baby shower planned already and she doesn’t even know we’re expecting as of me writing this. On occasion, I would bring up the idea of having a baby to Josh (you know your typical twenty-something, womanly baby fever), and he always replied, “Get outta here!”, or “Not yet.”. Understandable. I mean I didn’t even really think I was ready yet either.

The thing is though, I guess no one’s ever “ready” to bring a life into this world. We’re grateful to be able to both work from home, not have to worry about maternity leave, and we’re financially stable so why wait?

One the second month of trying, I decided to take a test. Last month I had fully convinced myself I was pregnant. I was crying over the MOST RIDICULOUS things, feeling nauseous, the whole shebang.  That second line never showed, though so on we went to month two of TTC (trying to conceive).

I confirmed ovulation (thanks to practicing the Fertility Awareness Method of Birth Control, I know exactly how long my cycles are, when I ovulate and when my period comes- natural birth control for the win!), and the next day we were set to do our favorite hike up Mount Lafayette in New Hampshire.

It turned out being the scariest hike ever because of weather conditions and getting lost. At one point I turned to Josh and said, “This is a miracle baby if we end up conceiving this month.”, because we were so stressed physically, mentally and emotionally not knowing if we’d ever get off the 4,000ft mountain.

Here we are over a week later and I have 3 positive pregnancy tests in my hand.

Baby Scutnik will be joining us June 2019 (one day before our 2nd anniversary!) and we cannot wait to share this new chapter with you.

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