First Trimester Recap

K, so…honesty hour. I had full intentions of doing weekly updates for you guys as I went through this pregnancy journey, but

A. Most of these weeks looked the same.

B. Who wants to read in-depth about my symptoms week to week?

C. Ya girl ain’t got time for that.

So I’m going to do recaps for the first and second trimesters, and then monthly updates once I hit the 3rd tri…sound good?

The first 4 weeks of pregnancy were pretty low-key. Probably because conception doesn’t even happen until week 3 (you’re going to be shocked with how much you learn during pregnancy!), so all was pretty calm…until it wasn’t.

I want to start off by saying I am PRAISING God I did not throw up one time. I know that probably makes some of you hate me, and I know that is a rarity, but I promise I didn’t feel my best either.

Top symptoms:
  • Lack of appetite. This one was a bummer because if you know me, you know how much I value my food and nutrition! I found myself not hungry…ever and having to force meals down. Most of the time, I couldn’t even finish a meal without feeling overly stuffed. Josh made salmon for us last week and I took one bite before I decided I better skip the fish unless I wanted to see it come back up.
  • Fatigue. Oh, the fatigue was REAL. Cal and I took lots of naps together, which was not like me at all and just getting through my usual day to day activities felt so challenging.
  • Bloat. I used to think I knew what it meant to be bloated…HA. My waistline definitely widened as the days went on, and even my ribcage and just overall torso felt wide. No matter what kind of food I did eat, the bloat decided it was here to stay.
  • Digestion woes. Irregularity plagued me pretty much the entire first trimester. Part of that most likely was because I wasn’t eating my regular fiber intake, but pregnancy can definitely impact your digestion (it slows it down!), so while this was incredibly sucky, it wasn’t surprising.
  • Sore boobs. I’m absolutely part of the IBTC (Itty Bitty Titty Committee if ya didn’t know lol!), so while I can’t complain too much about this, the girls definitely are super tender and hurt to the touch. Luckily, my daily attire includes sports bras already which help.
  • Angry pregnant lady. That was Josh’s nickname for me the entire first trimester. I definitely felt a little irritable and I got upset over silly things. Example; we were out to lunch and he finished his meal before me. He asked me, “Is it good?” and I thought he said, “Are you good?” (as in “Are you done?”) and I got so mad at him because I thought he was rushing me HAHA. God bless this man.

Because I’m a health coach you probably think that I was able to keep my nutrition and training in check for my first trimester, but girl, I am human! I probably ate more mac and cheese, grilled cheese, and just carbs, in general, more than anything else. Food aversions were basically to vegetables, some protein, and just my usual healthy meals.

Training absolutely fell to the way-side too. I would say my average was 2-3 days per week, and that was a good week. Naps took priority and you know what? I survived. My main mission in my life right now is growing this little human as best as I can. Doing my best week in and week out is all I can do and if that means less training and more napping…so be it!

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