Maui Travel Diary // Finally taking our honeymoon

True life: It took us a year and a half AFTER getting married to finally take our honeymoon.

After our wedding, we went on a family vacation with Josh’s family to San Diego knowing that we would plan to take our official *honeymoon* in the winter when Connecticut was cold.

Well my friends, that never happened.

We finally made it a priority to go the following year, and I’m actually kind of glad we waited because it was truly our dream honeymoon…in Maui, Hawaii!

We opted to stay at an Air Bnb in Kihei instead of a luxury hotel to save some cash, and it actually ended up being perfect. We were across the road from the beach, and local to everything that we wanted to do.

This was also the first trip we went into planning the bare minimum. We wanted it to be relaxing, so I had to let go of my Type-A tendencies and just be more like Josh…aka go with the flow. We still got to do so many amazing things like watch the sunrise at Mount Haleakala,

hiked down to the Nakalele Blowhole in Lahaina,

had the most perfect sunset dinners every single night,

woke up the next day to yoga on the beach,

and just did a whole lot of NOTHING!

Maui is hands down one of my favorite places on Earth and I hope we’ll be able to take baby boy back there soon! Watch our full vlog of the trip here:

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