Gender Reveal: It’s a BOY!

To find out or to not find out?

Josh + I knew from the beginning that we wanted to find out the gender of Baby S early on.

For starters, I have no patience and I literally HATE surprises…Josh will tell you all about that haha. So when we decided to get the optional genetic testing done at 10 weeks, we also had the option to find out the gender through a blood test.

Being the big “family” people that we are, we decided to also hop on the train of having a gender reveal party with our family and some close friends. It was getting close to Christmas time, and I wanted to do something better than just popping a balloon with pink or blue confetti, so we decided to put both blue and pink lights on a Christmas tree, and then have my sister plug in the final result.

It was the most anxious week of my entire life knowing that we would finally know if the little beeb was a boy or girl. We were going to be thrilled either way, of course, but in my gut, I was team boy…UNTIL that week! I switched my mind when Josh told me he had a dream it was a girl, so it was safe to say we were both in complete and utter shock when this happened…

We are so beyond excited to add another boy to the family and for Cal to be a big brother!

Watch the full video of the party here!

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